Delivery menu

Apteka Restaurant & Cocktail-bar

Delicious specialties on site and through delivery.

If you desire Apteka’s exceptional flavours, we invite you to book a table by phone: +48 788 766 644, or through and – either by a delivery or personal pickup. Please do remember that prices are better, if you order by phone, rather than through Internet websites (price-list below), so it is surely worth it!
However, if you are going to pay us a visit, we sincerely encourage you to look into our on-site menu.

Delivery dishes

Pork chop with a bone

Potato puree. champignon mushrooms, sautéed cabbage

35 zł

Potato sausage with bacon

Sauerkraut, horseradish, mustard

29 zł

Salad with poultry liver

Pear, nuts, spinach, mustard sauce

26 zł

Salad with cauliflower and egg

Tomato, cucumber, radish, chive sauce

23 zł

Pulled beef sandwich

26 zł

Lemon tart

Fired, Italian meringue, edible gold

15 zł

Fruit tart

Mascarpone, currant jam

15 zł